VMware Virtualization
Virtualization is the process of creating a software-based, or virtual, representation of something, such as virtual applications, servers, storage, and networks. It is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility for all size businesses.
Optiplex 3020
Commercial Desktops
Don’t settle for consumer grade computers. Commercial grade computers from Dell are well worth your money. They last long and is easy to maintain. We have so much confidence in them, we offer a 2-year in-house warranty when you purchase one of these commercial grade computers from us.

Computer Upgrades and Repair
While everyone charges a per hour labor fee, we have a flat rate of $45 Dollars.
  • Data Transfer
  • Virus Scan and Clean
  • Password Reset
  • Reinstall Windows 10
As long as parts or other software are not needed, its only $45 dollars.
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